Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bible Reading and Other Things

I'm finding that I'm really enjoy reading my Bible more now that I have decided to do a read through the Bible program. It's not that I didn't enjoy it before but I just find that I have been paying more attention now especially the Old Testaments books. I catch myself making verbal commentary like " That's a mean thing to say about Leah!" when Laban offers her to Jacob instead of Rachel practically calling the poor thing homely.  Or I will say " That explains a lot" when Joseph was born. Jacob was  head over heels in love with Rachel and was thrilled when Joseph was born. Joseph was totally Jacob's favorite son and got a gorgeous coat as a gift. I wonder what the other boys got if anything. Scripture doesn't say.
So anyway my daughters get annoyed because I yell at the people in the Bible who do incredibly stupid things. One of them politely asked me not to do that. So I don't do make verbal comments about what I'm reading when the girls are around.

Lately we have been bombarded with telemarketing calls regarding solar energy and people claiming to be from Windows Tech Support. We have asked the people not to call anymore but they keep calling. So we have decided to just mess with their head which totally throws them off.
I'm waiting for the next fake Windows call to come in so that I can tell the caller I  really don't need windows or I could respond to their claim that my computer is sending error messages with a dialogue like this:

Scammer: This is Windows Tech Support and your computer is sending error messages and we want  to show you how to fix the problem.
Me: Your computer is sending error messages?
Scammer: Your computer is sending error messages and it has been comprised. Does anyone else have access to your computer?
Me( I would repeat most of his or her exact words): Your computer has been comprised? Then you need to call Geek Squad or some other computer repair person.

Now of course the caller will insist there is nothing wrong with their computer and will be very annoyed with me by insisting my computer is the problem. So basically I want to have some fun with personal pronouns by purposely mixing up "my" and "your".

The most fun I ever had with telemarketer who claimed we won an all expense paid trip to my choice of Orlando, Florida, Barbados or some place in Mexico. This call came in during the winter Olympics in last month.
I told the caller I wanted to go to Sochi for the Olympics. He kept going on about on about we won and so I said something like tell me more about the vacation we "won". So he tells me about all the activities we can do and all the food etc. By this time I think I kept him on the phone a good ten minutes. Finally I couldn't take him much longer because I was going to break out in hysterical laughter and told him we really want to go to Sochi for the Olympics and if he can't make that happen then I'm not interested and hung up.

Should they call back again I will tell them to call back in two years if they have an trip to Rio for the summer Olympics.  The  vacation thing is a scam of course to get victims credit card numbers but it is so fun to mess with those callers head because it totally catches then off guard. It makes them lose their place from the script they are reading and some will just hang up quickly because they don't know how to respond.

Well I'm done rambling for now.  Until next time.

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