Friday, June 26, 2015

Really Not Surprised

So the Supreme Court has ruled that homosexuals have the right to "marry" in all states. It really doesn't surprise me at all.It's really disgusting but the Bible says these things will happen in the last days. I really wish Jesus would hurry up and come!

I'm almost wanting to cancel all my Google accounts because the home pages says "YouTube and Google are proud to celebrate marriage equality". I'm thinking "really Google?"
So anyway, even if the court had ruled against gay marriage, it's wouldn't change their behavior. They will continue in their sin unless they turn to Christ. And it is sin! There is no such thing as being born gay. If that's the case, then that makes God's Word false and I believe His Word is true!


  1. I didn't notice the Google line until I read your post - then went back to the home page. I am disturbed by that as well :/

  2. I also want to note that I agree with your entire post! Thank you for your voice :-) Blessings.

  3. It breaks my heart for those trapped in this sin, or any sin.

  4. Breaks mine too. We love this particular singing group but two of the guys are gay. I told my daughters we need these guys to get saved. I told them we want to hear their beautiful singing voices in heaven.


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