Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Hate Cancer!

I hate it especially when children have it. My daughter Kaitlyn was at her yearly visit with the pediatric oncologist and there were so many children there. I hate the idea that children have to visit an oncologist. We met a mom whose daughter who is about age 10 had lymphoma. She had chemo and lost her hair but was cute as a button! Her daughter is so far doing well. My daughter is fine too. There is no sign the cancer has returned which we are ever so grateful!


  1. How in the world did I not remember that your daughter had cancer?! Wouldn't think I could forget something like that! Praying hard that all continues to go well!

    1. This happened in 2011 when she was 11 years old. It's quite possible you didn't know. Kaitlyn didn't want me telling a lot of people and she especially didn't like talking about it with people at church. I'm sorry that you might not have known.
      She still hates talking about it. She has a huge scar on her leg from the surgery and radiation treatments.
      Anyway, in the archives from 2011 starting I wrote a post called The Absurdity of it All or something like that. I talk about the cancer but I'm sure there are earlier posts.
      We thank the Lord for every all clear MRI and x-ray Kaitlyn gets. I know she does too.

    2. Actually it was 2012 when this happened. I was just looking at her electronic chart from back then and MALIGNANT just screams at me. So hard to believe she went through all that.


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