Monday, August 3, 2015

A Calm Vent

Well I will try to be calm. I have brought the subject of leaving children in hot cars before. I just read an article about an irresponsible mom who left her two year old baby in the car while she shopped at Costco. Thankfully some shoppers saw the crying child and called 911. The mother shows up with one child in tow and was apologetic but the police were not having it. She was told her child could have died and was arrested for child endangerment.

Unfortunately not all children  are rescued in time. Each year it never fails that a child dies from being left in a hot car. There is absolutely no excuse for leaving a child in a car. If the child is asleep when you arrive at the store either turn around and go home or wake the child up. It is better to put up with a cranky child than planning a funeral for a dead one! Not to mention the prison time you're going to face.

That's my rant. I apologize for calling the mom I mentioned irresponsible but it just makes me so upset to hear about these types of stories.
This statement I'm going to make is often used to criticize those of us who chose to have more than one child. God gave you a brain. Use it! DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BABY IN A HOT CAR EVER!!!
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  1. I just do not understand why anyone would leave a child in a car...ever!

    1. I don't know either. It's really sad that some parents just don't think.


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