Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Some Random Thoughts

One of the goals I was thinking about in the last week or so is to give this blog more attention by posting more. I don't want to be an inactive blogger so I plan to post at the very least twice a month if not more.

I have noticed in the past few weeks there have been a number of passings in the entertainment world. Natalie Cole, David Bowie to name a couple.  Whenever entertainers die I wonder what their spiritually life was like. I know many have died without Christ and to me that is a tragedy.

Lately I have been following a blog by a country singer named Rory Feek of Joey+Rory. Now I want to say up front I'm not a country music fan. I had never even heard of these people until around November. To those who are unfamiliar with Joey+Rory they are a husband-wife duo popular in the country music field. They are also Christians and I guess they have done some hymn albums.

Joey is near death from cancer(I hate cancer!) and she will be leaving behind her husband and 22 month old baby girl. About three years ago the couple recorded a song called "When I'm Gone" The song was written by their friend Sandy Lawrence. She had written the song when her mom was dying of cancer (Did I tell you I hate cancer?!) Sandy wrote the song to help her deal with her feelings about her mom's about her mother's eventual death which is the message of the song.
 They did a video for the song and they originally were going to record the song as a duet but their producers or whatever they are called came up with the idea of Joey singing to Rory and he would be the one left behind. Little did they know this would actually happen.

This is the link to Rory's most recent post with the song. I'm warning you now you will go through an entire box of tissues because of what Rory is going through:  http://thislifeilive.com/when-im-gone/
 I think the song has helped me in some ways to deal with my father-in-law's death which I'm still dealing with.

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