Sunday, January 17, 2016

Why I Moderate Comments to My Posts

I have read many a blog and watched many YouTube videos. Many of these allow unmoderated comments. Some of these are anonymous. I can't believe the evil comments that some people leave because either they are just horribly mean or they want attention because the blog author won't moderate the posts. Then you get people whoget angry at the person who left the mean comment and next thing you know there is name calling, backbiting and more. So because of that I have chosen to moderate comments and also not allow anonymous comments.  It may seem like I'm censoring people but I believe it's the best way to keep out inappropriate comments not to mention spam.
So far I have never had to reject any comments. Many of the people who read my blog have been very kind even though they may not agree with what I write.
I thank you all for that.

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