Friday, September 30, 2016

We Finally Moved Into Our House

We moved officially into our new home on September 25th. We are so happy and grateful the Lord led us to this house. It's just right for us. It's a lovely three bedroom, two bath on 1.28 acres. We looked at many properties with our realtor but many had way too much acreage for our taste because they had space for horses. We are planning to buy any horses though hubby said we could use the horses corrals for something else.Anyway, this house was the very last on the list and we right away loved it.

 It is in the country but not so far out that we aren't close to a market. We have neighbors on either side of us which I prefer as I don't want to have the nearest neighbor a mile up the road.

I will post pictures when we have everything unpacked and put away. Currently the living room is a disaster with boxes everywhere. The other rooms aren't too bad so I may post pictures of those rooms first.
We are all overwhelmed at God's goodness to us. He has blessed us in more ways than than we ever expected. We waited patiently for a home which in all honesty, was very hard. We moved to Arizona not knowing where we would be living. We spent two weeks in a hotel and then a month in our realtor's RV which was a huge unexpected blessing.
God is good.


  1. So glad to hear that you all have finally found a house and are moving in!

  2. Hooray!
    I've been wondering about you.
    Def share pics when you can, but I know all about how
    that goes when moving, lol. Happy fall, and happy new house!

  3. I am very pleased you found just the place for you. That is wonderful.

  4. Congratulations on your new home! We too live out in the country - the eastern Montana prairie to be exact. But I think we are a little more remote than y'all. Our nearest neighbor is just over 1 mile away, after that we must travel another 2.5 miles. The nearest supermarket is 45 miles one-way and the nearest Wal-Mart and McDonald's ... 68 miles one-way. But this is the life we LOVE and would actually enjoy being even further out.
    Again, congratulations on your new home. I pray you have many years of abundant blessings there.


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