Thursday, October 27, 2016

What's He Praying About?

This little guy has been hanging out by our patio door for days. I don't like bugs but I thought this praying mantis was sort of cute! I'd like to think he's praying for revival but most likely he hopes for bugs😊

I couldn't get the picture larger so you all can see him better.

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  1. It is trying to get heat from your home. Or perhaps if you have a porch light right near the door, it is capturing its meals there. The weather is changing. How many lines are on it's abdomen? Is it's abdomen large or small? If it is very large, you ought to bring it in. She will be laying an ooth of 200-300 nymphs. Praying Mantis's are such fascinating creatures. I own one and she laid an ooth. She is wild caught. They are easy keepers and fun to watch if you care to keep it. Just put your hand next to it and it should just walk into it. It does not bite. They are very beneficial and often times, gardeners will release them in their garden for pest control. Also, they help capture other insects that don't belong in your home and people have been known to release them in their home for pest control too. It will be dying here shortly as it will not be able to overwinter, although their ooths. If you need anymore information, just ask! :). Thanks for posting this picture!


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