Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas has come and gone. I always get a little sad when Christmas is over.  All the pretty lights and decorations go away and people go back to being mean to each other. As if Christ is only important to them only one day of the year. Sigh.

So we didn't have a white Christmas so my snowman teapot was our snowman.

We had a failed attempt at making gingerbread houses from a kit
The remnants of Christmas crackers. We had fun!
I should have taken pictures of us with our crowns from the Christmas crackers but I forgot.
Hope your weekend is awesome.


  1. Love your teapot, that is adorable!
    It's finally cold here in SE Georgia. Hot chocolate and
    banana nut bread are the order of the day. I'm planning my
    New Years Eve table, but we'll be home and quiet, as usual.

    Fireworks and festivities are best from home!

  2. May you and your family have a blessed New Year, Regina!

  3. Well I sure hope and pray people will continue to be nice! Would you like me to pack up some of our snow? We got another 9 inches yesterday and today. I sure like your little snowman teapot though. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. It looks like you had a great Christmas season. We didn't have snow, either, but those not far north of us did. I was glad we didn't, because I was transporting a friend to my house, and it would have been seriously not fun if she could not have come!

  5. I love the Christmas crackers photo! and your gingerbread houses. I've always wanted to do that and perhaps in another year or so when our Baby Grand is older, we'll give it a for-real shot! It seems your Christmas was filled with love and happiness and really, that's the best.

  6. Oh...Christmas crackers!
    My husband is from Canada and it was there years ago when I first learned of crackers. We have them every year and enjoy them so much. Years ago we had to bring them from Canada as you couldn't find them here, but they have become popular.
    Darling tea pot!

    Blessings to you and your loved ones for the New Year~


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