Friday, July 24, 2020

To Be Young Again-FMF

Today writing prompt for Five Minute Friday is Young
I can't remember if I explained what Five Minute Friday is. 
Each week we get a writing prompt via email  and we write for five minutes only. Its rather fun.
Click on the link above for more information. 

I'm also working( in my head) a post on social media clutter but I keep deleting in my brain .

My five minutes start now.
There was a time when I really wanted to be young again. To be a child playing and enjoying being a child.
But then I also wanted to be a young mom again and go back and fix mistakes I made when they were growing up.
But I wouldn't want to be a child and a young mom in these troubling times. People have turned away from God and have called what is sin, the most awesome thing in the world.
Things when I was growing up people would frown upon such as immodesty, same sex relationships, blasphemy against our Lord.
No I wouldn't want to be young again. It's too scary!
Timer beeped. Five minutes are done.
Bonus extra one minute sentence-
The photo above was taken so long ago when I was sort of young but not really.

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