Sunday, March 14, 2021

And a Correction and Recommendstions

 The author of The Tubman Train is Doug Peterson not Doug Peter. I highly recommend his Underground Railroad true story series:

The Vanishing Woman The story of Ellen and William Craft. Ellen a light skinned black woman disguised herself as a white  man and her husband William as her slave. Ellen Craft was biracial as well as her mother and grandmother who were also slaves. Many women slaves were often violated by their masters which resulted in children.

The Disappearing Man- The story of Henry " Box" Brown who escaped slavery by (with the help of two friends) shipping himself in a cargo box that had a hole drilled in for air. I can't even imagine what it could have been like for Henry being in that box. There had to have been fear of getting caught or just being in the box and not having room to move.

The Tubman Train - The story of Harriet Tubman whom I've already mentioned who helped many slaves escape.

All the of the above mentioned Doug Peterson ebooks  are available on Amazon to download to your device.

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