Monday, August 2, 2010


I was reading a few pages of Martyrs Mirror recently and the thought occurred to me that the people doing the executions and the witnesses must somehow become desensitized to watching someone die. The way  some of these brave Christians were put to death were just inhuman. I'm talking beheadings, being burned at the stake, put in an arena and lions turned loose on them and thousands of people watching. There were many other ways these persecuted Christians lost their lives. Some even more horrific than what I just typed. I would think that these people had to have had nightmares after seeing such horrible things done to the Christians(or anyone for that matter!)

The thing is we as Christians really need to remain faithful and remember what the early Christians went through for their faith.  There are Christians in foreign countries(like China and the Middle East) in prison for preaching the gospel.
We need to not take our freedom to worship the Lord for granted. It can so easily be taken away from us.

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