Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Subject

I'm rebelling and refuse to put a title on my blog entry : D
I really don't have a title because my entry isn't about anything particular. I guess that's the beauty of blogging. It doesn't really need to be about anything.

So my cucumber plants have grown cute little "cucumber babies" that will grow into full size cucumbers in a few weeks. We are looking forward to a nice harvest and will share because the plants are producing many  of these babies. I also noticed out tomato plant is finally in the stage to bloom flowers. Tomatoes with cucumbers sprinkled with a little salad dressing! Yum Mo!

Tim and Miranda worked on the side yard today digging up weeds. We are the weeds family because the weeds are taller than I am! We really have no excuse for allowing the weeds to get so out of control.  It's just sheer slothfulness and it doesn't make for good Christian witness I'm afraid.

Perhaps we can get it done enough to be able to get to our fruit trees which are done for the year. We had a decent harvest enough to make jam and some fruit to put up for fall and winter.

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