Monday, July 4, 2011

CVS Extreme Couponing Experience

A couple of weeks ago CVS had ZhuZhu pets hamsters on sale at 5 for $10 which two of my girls have gotten into since they bought a set at our annual used curriculum sale last month.
I noticed CVS had a bunch of deals where you get EBs(Extra Bucks) for buying certain items which we needed such a body wash, deodorant etc. By the time I had purchased all the items I had earned $17 dollars in EB's plus a 30% off coupon for our next purchase so the next time we went to CVS we got the five hamsters, some iced tea and a magazine and after using all the EBs and 30% off coupon my grand total was 55 cents! I couldn't believe it! I'm like where is the TV camera!
So my advice, watch and save those EBs from CVS. You next purchase could be free!

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