Sunday, July 3, 2011

Please Pray for This Family

 Some of you who are on Conservative Anabaptist/ Mennonite Yahoogroups or are part of a Conservative Mennonite church might have heard the news story regarding Timothy "Timo" Miller.
The details are to complicated to put here so I will post a link to Timo's page. Please read the story and be sure to sign up for updates on his case.

Please pray for Timo and his wife and children. This has got to be a very difficult time for them and they need Christian prayer warriors who will commit to prayer each day. And pray for Lisa Miller one of the parties involved in the case( no relation to Timothy Miller) and her daughter Isabella that the Lord will protect them wherever they are. As you will read they have fled the U.S.
If you have ever read  the book A Song for Your Honor( available at you know what Lisa is going through and what Timo is experiencing.

I would recommend not reading the secular news versions of the story because we know the press has a way of twisting the truth and making us Christians look like brainwashed, bigoted idiots.

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