Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th to my American readers. To those who are lucky enough to do your own fireworks at home, be safe.  We aren't allowed to do home fireworks here which is rather sad. 
Growing up we  looked forward to sparklers and tiny firecrackers. Daddy always made sure we had fireworks each year and everyone in the neighborhood would get together to do fireworks. It was so much fun! Such memories!:)


  1. Just read your post on Home Joy's, I Will be praying for you, that God would Lead you to a Biblical Church, and that God would keep you under the Protection of His Wings in the process... When God allows difficult circumstances, He also gives Abundant Grace to go through them. God be with you! God Bless you for Following His command to cover your head, His Angels are watching over you!
    Praying Mom in Pa.


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