Thursday, July 23, 2015

Church Visits

Well we visited one of the churches here in town two weeks in a row so that our two daughters could get a chance to check out the church. My family likes it but I have some reservations about it. I enjoyed the sermons and the fellowship but it's just too casual for me. There were people in shorts and bringing coffee into the sanctuary. I looked at the carpet and wondered how many coffee stains they clean each week.

We plan to visit other churches in town but we don't know where. Visiting churches makes me extremely nervous! I almost wish the Lord hadn't convicted me of certain areas in my life. Maybe I wouldn't be so nervous. I'm not in bondage to my convictions but it gets difficult and lonely when no one else believes the same way.
I get Keepers at Home magazine and almost issue has a letter from a women who is alone in her convictions about wearing a headcovering and wearing dresses only. Oh how I relate to them!


  1. That would be me too. wherever I go, I am the lone headcovering woman. Some accept it fine but a few act like I have a disease. Not many, but some. We are still on the search for a church. The amish beachy church is nearly 30 miles away! Too far for us.

    1. The nearest for us is about a nearly two hour drive. We did it a few years ago when we would visit.

  2. I have my own convictions that others in my home church do not. I love my church family, but do wish we were more on the same page , so to speak ;) I just live my life and conviction before them, if they ask why, I share why with them. Blessings to you sister.

  3. Hi Regina! My fiancée has heard about churches like that. She thinks that churches shouldn't allow drinks to be brought in unless you are very sick. Maybe they don't clean the carpet if it's a dark color carpet. Dark colors hides stains. My fiancée also gets nervous visiting churches. Have a nice day!

    Carson Coronado @ Old St. Mary's Detroit


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