Thursday, July 30, 2015


Sometime ago I listened to a sermon about discerning Godly music. It talked about avoiding music that is dishonoring to the Lord, more specifically contemporary Christian music aka  CCM. I'm really not a huge fan of it anymore. I don't like the rock beat of it and alot of it is too "me" focused.
 I prefer hymns both old and new original ones. I like it even better with no instruments with just the voices. And I definitely do not like singing old hymns that have been modernized to have that CCM beat as though the original tune is broken.

The speaker played a portion of a CCM song the title I don't remember but the female singer voice was, well "breathy". I've heard this same "breathiness" in may secular love songs. It's really inappropriate if you're singing to the Lord.
  I know that women singers are usually targeted for singing this way, but I've heard some men CCM singers doing the same thing. My family listens to CCM in the car and some of the male singers are singing so breathy you'd think they were trying to seduce the listener.

Not all CCM is this way of course. I often wonder if it really should be sung in church though. Even the black gospel that we grew up with has changed with many of it being rap and hip hop style.

 I don't like leaving church feeling like I've been to a rock concert. Unfortunately many churches are like that now. That's why finding a church is going to be hard for me. My husband and teens CCM but I don't.

Well that is my "rant" for the day. This is something that has been on my mind for a long time.Perhaps I'm just old now.


  1. I too love some of the modern hymns but not that rocky, stuff. We found a church that sang only old hymns but something sure did not feel right about that church! We will find the right one again sometime

  2. I'm with you about CCM! I definitely don't think it belongs in a church service. We sing from the Trinity Hymnal only.

    For home listening though, I enjoy the Sons of Korah, you can find all of their albums on iTunes. They put the Psalms to music. Beautiful stuff. :)


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