Saturday, November 26, 2016

People Without Jesus Part 2

A kindly Titus 2 lady led me to the Lord. She explained that "being good enough"  is not what the Bible says. She showed me scripture after scripture the plan for salvation. That was in the spring of 1982. I've haven't always been faithful during my walk with the Lord though. I walked away from Him after my dad died in 1984. I was very angry with Him for taking my dad away. I listened to angry heavy metal music,quit going to church and avoided my Christian friends. Funny thing is, this only lasted a few months because I was starting to miss my friends and most of all my Lord.
I was miserable and I was so happy the the Lord took me back.

When I think about that time I was away from the Lord I think of those who reject Him. They must be miserable and without peace. I know they are definitely not fun to be around. That clearly shows in the posts they make on the forum I mentioned in Part 1. Their post are very anti-Christian and anti-God. Oh how I hate how Satan has blinded these ladies and has lied to them about the Lord and how much He loves them.

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