Tuesday, November 22, 2016

People Without Jesus Part 1

I feel really sorry for people who don't know the Lord. I really do. I follow blogs by Christian women and it boggles my mind the comments that people leave in response to a post. On one of the blogs I follow, some of the comments were hateful towards a very godly wife who chose to stay with her husband who cheated on her. Her husband has since repented and they are working on their marriage.. My comment  to those who were judging this wife was " Let those who are without sin cast the first stone..I'm waiting"  Did you know there are "perfect"? I couldn't believe these people who claimed they never sinned and how "perfect" they are. Then I realized they really don't have Jesus in their lives. Before I came to the Lord, I thought I was perfect and didn't sin. Just because I didn't lie, cheat, get drunk, didn't kill anyone, etc I thought I had a "clear conscience".  I was wrong. I thought because I was a "good person" I was going to heaven. I thought because I believed in God. I was going to heaven. It wasn't until I took some time to read my Bible and listened to sermons in church(when I went) that the Lord started to convict me of my sin.



  1. I have many family members who believe being a 'good person' is all that is needed. Sadly, they aren't receptive to any sharing I've done.

  2. I can relate to Christine's comment. Due to many circumstances, I chose to marry a non-believer - a good man, but a non-believer just the same. (That's a hard road to walk, but that testimony is for another day). My husband's family is filled with people who believe being a "good person" is enough to get to heaven. The simple truth is that comparing ourselves to others is the definition of self-righteousness. Not until we compare ourselves to the Word of God - will anyone discover we are in desperate need of the only Savior for mankind, Jesus Christ.
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