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Spiritual Check-up My Answers

Yesterday I posted questions from our sermon that was done on Sunday so I'm going to start with the first five questions this morning and the remaining I will get to later today or tomorrow.

  1. Do you worship well with others? I scored myself an 8. I really love getting together at church for hearing the word and singing. Our church has three services. The first one is traditional with hymns and piano. The second is a mixture of both with added guitar and violin. The third is Rock the Flock. It's louder, has drums and almost no hymns. We go to the second as a compromise because our teen and adult daughters want more contemporary songs. Tim and I like hymns. I personally prefer just singing and no instruments.
  2.  How well do you grow with others?  I gave myself a 6 on this one. Though I enjoy going to Bible studies, getting involved in fellowship groups, I'm painfully shy so that affects my spiritual growth but I'm doing better than I used to be.
  3. How is your servant's heart? I decided I was an 8. Since we are new to this church and getting to know people I'm helping in the nursery once a month. That's the one thing I really enjoy is helping with the little ones.
  4. How is your (out) reach? I have to give myself a 1. I'm not good at sharing my faith because of being shy and fear of rejection.
  5. How generous are you? I scored 1 on being generous. It's not that I'm stingy with money or my resources, it's just I don't away have it to give.

To be continued at a later time.


  1. I like your honest answers dear! I sometimes get frustrated because I can not give more financially but I bless as much as I can with my hobbies. I miss being in church but right now Jack's pain is to much to sit for a long time.

  2. Hello again, Regina! :)

    I wanted to come and see the first five questions and your answer. As with the last five, I scored myself as I read your answers.

    I'm certain that your work with the children in the nursery is a blessing because of your servant's heart.

    I'll be praying for you with your personality being that of a shy person. I can relate to that. I can't see myself surviving in a large church. I do okay with a group, but I do MUCH better in a one on one situation.

  3. Good Evening, Regina -

    I appreciate your transparency when assessing these questions on your spiritual life. However, as I read your low generosity score, I found myself asking why you would choose to give yourself such a low score. Many years ago when our family lived well below the poverty line, we too, did not have many materialistic resources or extra finances to share. However, we were able to share in other ways, which I personally feel is sometimes is more generous than simply writing a check or donating our old clothing and furniture as new is brought to our homes.
    Brothers and Sisters in Christ who possess a servant's heart are often times the most generous. I have a few questions for you to ponder ...

    **Do you often find yourself volunteering with various tasks, such as ... Cooking meals for the sick, funerals, new moms? Volunteering in the church nursery or teaching Sunday School? Cleaning the church? Assisting with maintaining the landscape in the summer or shoveling snow in the winter? How about volunteering to help with youth Bible study or youth group snacks? Can your brothers and sisters in Christ depend upon you to assist with set up and/or clean up during pot lucks or other church gatherings?
    ** Are you a prayer warrior? ... Can others depend upon you to pray for their needs? Are you on the prayer chain? Do you volunteer as a prayer partner during alter calls?
    ** Are you kind to everyone in your church, regardless of their station? Do you make an effort to make others feel welcome? Do you make yourself ready and available to assist the elderly or handicapped with mobility throughout the church building?
    **When you do have a little extra do you joyfully share with others? Do you occasionally donate to the church food pantry when possible? Do you bless others with homemade gifts? Do you send notes or cards of encouragement to your brothers and sisters in Christ?

    Regina, there are so many ways we all generously bless others within our church body and communities. Just because we do not have extra finances or an excess of material possessions to share during any particular season of our lives, does not mean that we fail in the area of generosity.
    I hope that after some reflection, you will realize you are more generous than you think. This blog is an example, it ministers to so many others, even people you don't personally know. Taking precious time out of your life to minister to complete strangers ... in my world, that's a very generous act.

    Hugs and Blessings to you,

  4. Hello Mrs. B,
    I do tend to be generous with my time. I love volunteering in the nursery, taking meals to people,praying etc. I suppose when I think about it, when it comes to my time, I'm more generous than I realize. Thank you Mrs. B!


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