Friday, January 27, 2017

Comparing Ourselves to Others

I've recently started a new hobby.  I've joined  the League of adults who like to color. In other words I like adult coloring books.My husband also has gotten into coloring books too.
I've been enjoying adult coloring books and it's very relaxing.
My post that I started on Wednesday evening was interrupted by a medical emergency. My husband was having chest pains which turned out to be a mild heart attack. That's very scary because he has never had heart problems. He had an angiogram last evening  which showed some blockage so a stent was put in. We are so grateful because it could have been much worse.
He came home today and he is doing well. He's a bit tired but he is happy to be home. He's on medications for his heart and blood pressure and it is recommened he change his diet. I've been thinking about making healthier meals for my family anyway.

We eat a lot of unhealthy foods so I need to change that. Even small changes like reducing salt intake, less fast food and switching to whole wheat flour.  So if you think of it please pray I can come up with healthy meals for my family.  Please also  pray for Tim that his heart will fully recover  and no problems with the stent.

Now back to my original post I mentioned that Tim and I have gotten into adult coloring books. Tim has been encouraging me not to focus on trying to to be like everyone else when it comes to this new hobby. I really am trying but I made the mistake of going on YouTube to search for ideas on coloring books. I found myself looking at various videos and thinking, I can never make my coloring pages look like that! I was getting somewhat discouraged but I realized the Lord doesn't want me or any of us comparing ourselves with others. Each of us is unique with different talents and abilities. So while I may get some great ideas on shading and choosing colors, I shouldn't be worried my pictures aren't "perfect" by YouTube artists standards. I want to just have fun! I'm applying the same idea to my crocheting projects which reminds me I need to get back to the baby booties I started a few days ago.


  1. I will be praying for your Tim! Jack and I made changes in our diet and have lost weight and feel better. Just go for it on the coloring. That is what I do. I do have to think about it sometimes before I get going.

  2. Good morning, Regina!

    I am getting the blog posts coming to my email now! Thanks for assisting me in getting that set up. I am so glad Tim is going to be ok. I think it is good that you will be choosing the better of two things when eating, when possible. Instead of saying, "no fast food" say, I can make that healthier at home! Let's have that tonight! Or...I am going to incorporate regular salads into our meal plans. I am going to frequently have a healthy smoothie for breakfast. Instead of saying, "I can't have sugar cereal" know? I am much more cooperative with my health plans when I put it in a positive way to myself!!! Work in progress...a work in progress!!! "Lose weight" and "limit my serving sizes" is too overwhelming for me...but "make good choices" and "only eat when hungry" is more effective. Here is another one...have an alternative: "Water instead of soda" just make a better choice each time you choose, and we should make progress. Let's try together! I love you!

  3. Oh My Regina!
    I am so heartbroken to hear about your Tim. I will keep him in prayer and trust our Lord to heal him, either divinely or through the medical community.
    I also agree with Becky when working towards improving one's diet. I too find it easier to make a "healthy choice" vs. abstaining from sugars, carbs, etc. I will keep you and Tim in prayer as you work toward improving your diets.


  4. I am so sorry to hear of your husband's heart attack! That is scary. I just heard today of another man in his late 40's having a heart attack. I will be praying for him...and for you as you begin the journey of healthier eating. I don't know if you are on Pinterest or not, but I am enclosing the link to my account because I have a LOT of recipe posts...some very healthy...some not so much. :) But you are more than welcome to check them out.

    I understand about the comparing ourselves to others. It can really be a discouraging road to walk...I've done it a lot. When I read about your adult coloring and your comparing yourself to what you saw others had done on You tube it reminded me of an afternoon I was spending with my granddaughters this past fall. We were doing paint by number pictures and I was getting frustrated because I felt that the one granddaughter was doing much better than I was. The other granddaughter said, "Grandma, just remember...this is for fun!" :) The wisdom of a child!

  5. My husband had a heart attack five years ago and we have changed his eating habits considerably. He also exercises regularly and is doing well. Praying your husband will do well as he recovers and begins making changes to improve his health.



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