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Why I Wear a Headcovering- Take 2 Part 1 Again

Okay ladies! I'm going to try this again and I hope it will come through clearly.

I started covering  in obedience to 1Corinthians 11:1-16.  Rather than me typing out the verses, you may look them up on your own. In these verses the apostle Paul teaches about women covering their heads while praying or prophesying and men are to pray uncovered.

I really wanted to research this topic because I remember a lady named Charity wearing a hanging veil at an Above Rubies retreat around 2003 and a few months later a mom whose name was Sherry and her daughters, one of which had a CaringBridge health update page wore similar head veils. I really found this odd because the lady at the retreat was Filipino and these ladies were white. So I figured the Above Rubies lady was doing for cultural reasons and the ladies from the CaringBridge site were probably from a foreign country. They were actually from Florida, born and raised.

That is until I came across a link on Sherry's page which lead to the ebook, Let Her Be Veiled by Tom  Shank. I found this book very interesting because I had never, ever heard of such teaching. I asked several ladies about it but they all thought Tom Shank didn't know what he was talking about.
I really wasn't satisfied with their answers but put the matter on the back burner until I spoke with Charity who would be at the upcoming Above Rubies retreat. This was in the dark ages of 2005.😊

I spoke with Charity at the retreat about her headcovering and she explained it was because of 1 Corinthians 11. Now I will confess, I was really hoping she wouldn't mention those verses. As a matter of fact I kept saying in my mind ("Don't say say 1 Corinthians 11")  and when she said the scriptures  I was thinking in my head ("You just had to say it"!)  but deep down I knew it was something I needed to really study and pray about.

So after that retreat, I got my Bible, a physical copy of Let Her Be Veiled and studied and prayed. I talked to my husband Tim about it. He studied and prayed too and he also read Mr. Shank's book. I really wanted to cover by now because I really wanted to obey the Lord in this area but I wanted it to be okay with Tim first. He finally gave the okay and I've been covering ever since.

The thing is at that time I didn't realize that people would have a problem with it. I got odd looks from people at church and was accused of being legalistic. I found an online support group for Christian ladies who covered and they all experienced the same thing. I was quite surprised because I never judged any woman who didn't cover her head. I didn't think it was such a big deal. I was wrong!
 Why is it okay for a man to remove his hat in church but a woman who wears a piece of fabric on her head is scorned?

I'm going to send this post  now because I completely lost my train of thought for some reason. This is part one and this should post without a problem.
Part two I will try to post later this evening or tomorrow.


  1. Hello Regina, I've been covering for quite a few years. Like you I read and studied and felt more and more led to cover. My husband doesn't say anything either way. I don't wear a hanging veil, but one that looks more like a large headband. I have had some rude comments. No one in our small town covers.

    1. Linda do you get your coverings from Garlands of Grace? They have beautiful coverings.

  2. I very much enjoyed reading this Regina. I think you know that I also wear a veil. I didn’t want to. I always justified not wearing a covering because of the verse where it says “her hair is her covering”, which made no sense at all when I really read the entire passage, because of verses 5&6. How can she remove her hair and put it back on? So then I went to the Greek, still trying to find a way out of it. There I found that there were two different Greek words that were changed in translation to our English Bibles. These two words were completely different. One meant hair and the other was an actual covering of fabric. I could no longer deny what the Spirit had been convicting me of. I was to wear a head covering. It is hard. No one in our church covered at the time and only one lady has joined me over the past 5 years that I’ve worn a veil. I am also accused of being legalistic. Is it legalistic? Then so must be Holy Communion because instructions regarding it are also found in 1 Corinthians 11! I don’t believe it is. Anyway, I’m sorry for writing so much. Thank you for sharing your testimony my sweet sister.

    1. Betsy, I was confused by that too that's why in my newest post I wrote I thought I had lost my marbles. I'm so glad the Holy Spirit made it clear to Tim and I.

  3. Regina, thank you for sharing why it is that you cover. I appreciate so much your tender heart and spirit.

  4. Legalistic? Well, that's a crock. I don't wear a veil or head covering but if someone does I don't really think of it in any judgmental way. It's a personal choice, whether it is to do with religion or you just like the covering! But I do think it was very sensitive of you to talk with Tim about this first. I didn't know about the Corinthians verse so I'm very glad you shared that here.

    1. Thank you Jeanie. I originally didn't know about it either.

  5. I have never had any bad comments about my covering. Some odd looks at times, and questions which are fine. I have changed my style of covering now but still cover and I no longer put my hair up because it is so fragile. I am content now to finally be in a church where I am not the only one who covers! Thanks for your story!

    1. You are welcome Michelle. You are blessed to have not endured rude comments.


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