Thursday, April 16, 2020

Minor Blogger Problems

Is anyone else having problems with their Blogger Following list either out of order? For example Susie Blogger( not a real blog just an example) will come and the time stamp will say it was posted maybe two hours  ago. Then above Susie Blogger it will have  Mary Blogger( again not a real blog) 25 minutes ago. When I go to check for new blog posts later in the day  there will be a blog post for Lucy Blogger between Susie Blogger and Mary Blogger which wasn't there earlier and now it will say that Mary Blogger posted ten minutes ago her post was earlier in the day. No one has edited their posts so I'm thinking it's a Blogger issue and they are having difficulty with their post timing and maybe "hiccuping" their posts. There was a post that came in on a Sunday but was repeated the next day and it wasn't an issue with the blog author it just simply repeated itself. Does my post make any sense?
I don't think it's a Daylight Saving Time issue as Arizona doesn't observe it.

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