Monday, May 10, 2021

Book- The Hope We Hold Finding Peace in the Promises of God by Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo


I was supposed to get this out last week before the book launched on May 4th since I'm on the launch team but a terrible thing has happened in family and I got side tracked.  This isn't a review but just to let you know about the book and to let you know what it is about.

In the introduction of The Hope We Hold on pages 2-3 I Peter 1:3-9 is referenced  and if you are not familiar off hand about theses verses tell about the God promise to be with us through the trials we may or rather will face in life. Even though we were stuck in our sin God showed us undeserving mercy. In case you didn't realize it, just because we are now saved, doesn't mean we will never face difficulties.

Here's a brief excerpt from the book: " But in our grief, we can be confident that our trials aren't for nothing. Each trial is a fire that purifies our faith, refining us, bringing us into God's glory." Later in the same the same paragraph we are told: "God is not only with you in the fire, but He promises to carry you to the other side as a new creation." Isn't that awesome sisters?

Jeremy and Jinger share about the lives before they met and after. They share about the ups and downs the went through individually and as a couple.

I'm looking forward to finishing this book. Right it on sale on Amazon for $16.43. 


Note: I purposely didn't go into detail about what has has happened in Jinger's family regarding her brother. Due to the sensitivity nature  and for the privacy of that brother's children please refrain from mentioning the details in your comments other than you're praying. Thank you for understanding.



  1. So grateful that we pray to a God who doesn't need us to tell Him the details. He already knows ...

  2. Thank you for sharing this review. Such a devastating time for that family, they are certainly in my prayers!


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