Busy Sewing

My 20  year old daughter got a sewing machine for Christmas and has been sewing like crazy. As a result I've been inspired to sew again or rather learn to sew. I have a few skills but I still have trouble sewing straight lines. I made the mistake of trying to sew an oval hanging veil with cheap knit fabric. Not a good project to start with for a beginner. So I plan to try again with the veil but I will either try sew it by hand or use the sewing machine. I bought some better knit fabric so we shall see.

I'm working on an apron that Stephanie over at The Enchanting Rose made using a man's shirt. I used one of Tim old shirts. There's a link on her page to a tutorial how to sew one.
Anyway, I had trouble at first but my daughter figured out how to make the apron. I did make some mistakes but I may be able to cover them up.
I will post a picture when it's done. I still owe you all a recipe from the Healthy Choices cookbook. I will post a recipe soon.
Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Knit fabric can be a pain in the neck to sew. I always use a liquid stabilizer on it to make it easier to sew. And I only use a knit fabric for slips so no one sees my less than graceful on knit sewing skills! I do sometimes use a polyester fabric for my skirts but not real stretchy stuff. Have fun sewing!

  2. I do some sewing, but nothing like I did when my daughter was young. I sewed all of her clothes from the time she was about 7 clear through her college days. I would need a lot of practice now to be able to do something like that. Stephanie has the best guides and instructions on her website to make things as easy as possible. I'm looking forward to that recipe!

    See you tomorrow for Modesty Monday.


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