Monday, March 20, 2017

Modest Mondays- Teaching Boys to Be Modest

Good Morning friends and happy first day of spring! This morning I was thinking about sharing about teaching boys to be modest. Scripture doesn't speak about men being modest but I feel it's just as important for men to dress to please the Lord as women.
I don't have sons but I know moms modesty standards for their boys so I will share what I learned from observing them. To be honest I used to not think about modesty for young men until I became older and wiser in my Christian walk.

One of the more obvious things to teach sons is not to let your boys walk around with the pants so low everyone around them knows what brand of boxers they are wearing.
Another mom shared that her teen boys wear t-shirts while at the beach. The world promotes guys to show off their physique. The news articles will say something like " The Internet goes wild over so and so male celebrity shirtless!" Or " Check out Intagram photos of whoever male star at the pool!"
I think you get the point. I confess I have had to avert my eyes while at the beach or the pool. One thing I can't stand is male bikini bottoms!😮 We will just leave it at that.
Maybe some of you with sons have modesty standards for them or had standards when they were growing up.
Anyway, maybe today's post was way off base. I don't know. Please share your thoughts.


  1. I don't think today's post was way off base at all, Regina. I think it is important that parents teach their boys about modesty as much as girls. You gave great examples. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I had my eldest of 3 boys wear a swim shirt at the pool and beach until he was 18, but he has never worn one again. I believe I have relaxed a little since then. One of my younger sons got a sunburn, and I think he has worn a shirt in the sun since then. The other son has yet to go shirtless in public. I, too, avert my eyes from shirtless men, and reserve my eyes for my husband. I have observed some pastors wearing shirts when baptizing people, and I think it is very helpful for visual women, like me, and as a good example to men and boys.


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