Friday, October 20, 2017

Simply Woman's Daybook -October

For Today

Looking out my window-It's windy out and the sun will be setting soon

I am thinking about how delicious dinner will be

I am thankful for my family and our cat Kirstie

One of my favorite things is watching my daughters be silly

I am creating nothing this week

I am wearing yellow dress with blue flowers and a slip on headcovering I made years ago

I am reading Created to Be His Helpmeet still.
I'm listening to a You Tube video my daughters are watching

I am hoping that our oldest daughter will be able to come visit at the end of the month

I am learning to keep my faith in the Lord and to always be open to what the Holy Spirit is telling me

In my kitchen
Slow cooker pork ribs

In the school room
I gave my daughter the day off from school today.

Post Script
Here's a link to upcycle an man's shirt into a cute apron

Shared Quote
 When my girls were little one of them misunderstood me when I  told one of my other daughters I  was reading a list of sermons and she asked" Who is Allisa Sermon?"

A moment from my day
A jar of over browned granola I made this morning.

Closing Notes
If you want to do your own  Simple Woman Daybook
Here's the link to the guidelines The Simple Woman's Daybook


  1. I enjoyed reading all of your thought thoughts today. I laughed out loud at "Alissa Sermon". :-). I hope you have a wonderful day my friend.

    1. Thank you! That is one of my favorite things from my girls childhood.

  2. Good morning, my beautiful friend. I love your poem and your post today. "I create nothing today" ...but you made granola and pork ribs!

    Fly Lady would have an issue with those slippers.....

    I miss you!


    1. Oh I know she would but honestly I get things done whether my shoes lace up or I wear slippers and even when I'm barefoot I actually get stuff done. Lol
      I miss you too and everyone in the homeschool group!

  3. I enjoyed reading your day book. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend

  4. Sounds like a lovely day with a delicious dinner in the makings!

    1. Oh it was very delicious! I have to not make it too many times because we are still trying to eat healthy.


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