Wednesday, December 11, 2019


I had in mind what I was going to post. Actually I had a a few things on my mind I was going to write about.
Then Monday evening I fell off the step stool right against our kitchen wood block island.☹
I went to hospital yesterday and x-rays were done and I have nothing broken but oh how I hurt!

I was prescribed all these pain medications that look like horse pills. I got frustrated at the ER because I had different staff coming in at various times asking the same question "How did you fall?" "Did you get dizzy?" "Have you fallen in the past six months?"
I was so relieved to be out of there but I will say my medical team members were very sweet to me and Tim. I really can't fault them for being concerned.

So here are pictures of the culprits my fall:
                         Culprit number 1- The menacing step ladder. I missed that bottom step because I didn't hold on to the handle while stepping down.

                                         Culprit number 2- The kitchen island that I fell against and actually probably saved my life because I could have hit my head on the floor.

So that's why I haven't posted sooner. 
So I hope to have a post in the next couple of days. Please keep me in your prayers. I don't like pain!

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