Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reflecting on 2016

It's hard to believe 2016 is almost over. It doesn't seem possible. I've been reflecting on how this year started off so horribly. Losing Dad in December of 2015 was really hard for our family and then losing the house Tim and our girls grew up in was almost unbearable!

But through it all, we have seen God's hand in everything. He provided a place for us to stay for free at our friend's YWAM base. He provided enough money for us to stay in a nice hotel for two weeks. Our realtor and his wife provided their RV on their property for us to live in for free while we looked for a house. God showed us this house and confirmed this is the home He wanted for us.
Funny thing about living here in the country, I at first wasn't "feeling" it. It's far away from stores and it's sort of in the middle of nowhere. I wasn't ready to live in a rural area. I wanted to live in the city near Walmart, JoAnn fabric, etc. But after spending a month in the RV and getting used to small town living, I love it here! I wouldn't want to go back to city living.

Today our realtor is bringing me a cheesecake for my birthday. Did I tell you he makes killer cheesecakes? He and his wife have this tradition of making a cheesecake when they close on a house. We got a cheesecake when we moved in and I asked him to please make one for my birthday.

I will be posting my goals for 2017 tomorrow (Lord willing) as is my tradition of posting on January 1st of each new year.
Have a Happy and safe New Year.


  1. Happy birthday and a blessed new year for all of you. I sometimes still miss our little house we lost in my little hometown. But I do not miss the town at all and love where we have ended up.


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