Monday, April 17, 2017

Feeling Slightly Nervous

Since I made te space in my payer closet I'm sure my husband is thinking I've gone off the deep end. I too wondered as I was clearing space if I had finally lost my mind. If that is what it means to go to war for my family then I welcome "losing my marbles". My family is worth fighting for.We Christian wives and mothers must pray daily for our husbands and children. And we must always get into the Word. In my earlier post I mentioned having your Bible in your prayer room. I recommend a actual hard copy instead of the smartphone Bible app. I say  this because it's too easy to get distracted by the other apps on our phones like texts, Pinterest, etc. And besides there is nothing like the sound of Bible pages being turned!


  1. GOod for you! Keep praying,warrior!
    I loved that movie, so much.

  2. Love it that you have created your own War Room. It really does take away a lot of distractions.

  3. Good for you girl!
    Have you heard this song by Charles Jenkins?
    This Means War?

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  4. I believe you are doing a wonderful thing and praying for your family, well, what a glory to God!
    I totally agree with your in that having the Bible at hand is far greater than electronics. There is something special about holding the Word of God in our hands.
    Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful life.

    God bless you~


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