Monday, April 17, 2017

My "War Room"

This is my small space in our master closet  that will be my war room prayer space. It's not much but  when you go to war with Satan, you don't need a lot of space. I have on the wall which isn't shown a label for requests and one for answered prayer. This means however God chooses to answer.


  1. How wonderful to have this special place of prayer Regina... the Lord's blessings will be upon you and all you pray for! Our Lord still is able to work miracles today, and I know that your faithful prayers to HIM will be heard and answered in His way, time and purpose. Hugs to you today!

  2. I've seen that movie too - but haven't created a 'room'. Good for you! I trust God will meet you there and work in powerful ways in the lives of you and and your family... Maybe I need to create one after all!


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