Thursday, April 27, 2017

Meet Little Bertha

  That thing  called a pressure canner. I had never pressure canned before because they look so menacing! Remember  on I Love Lucy when Ricky tried to pressure cook two chicken and the thing exploded?😦😄
Well I did a test run to familiarize myself with using Little Bertha(my name for the canner) scared me half to death when it was making strange noises. After watching another canning video I realized it was actually behaving itself the first time.

Anyway, my first pressure canning was a success. (After I got over the initial dear of the thing!) I canned three pints of beans and now I can't wait to try again!


  1. Good Job, Regina!
    Now,send me some. lol

  2. Great job, my friend! I loved it that you can't wait to use Little Berth again! That's the way canning gets into your blood! haha I am the same way in the summer months.

  3. I had to laugh when you said it scared you to death. Years ago the older pressure cookers had issues but I've heard they have come a long way.
    I have a pressure cooker that was my grandmother's,it must be 70 years old!
    I do not use it to pressure cook, but it's great for making cream puff pastry in.
    The joys of canning, good for you. :-)
    I want to thank you for your sweet comment on my latest post and I appreciate you wanting to pray should I have a need. You are a blessed sister in the Lord.
    God bless you~~

  4. Canning is so great - it can be addictive, but you are providing healthy meals for your family in the days to come. Well done!


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