Saturday, April 1, 2017

When We Don't Know Why

I've been struggling about this post for the past few days. My heart is heavy for families who have had terrible losses. This week there was the loss of thirteen senior citizens who lost their lives in a bus accident who were on their way from a church retreat.  That's thirteen grandmoms and granddads.  I can't imagine the grief that church is experiencing.  But before this loss their was the devastating loss of blogger Mandy Kelly, her husband Scott, and two of their four children Lizzie(9) and Judah (10 months) in  a house fire on March 21st.  Mandy was the author of the blog Worshipful Living
She loved the Lord and her family. Their two surviving children Bekah and Jared will certainly need our prayers.
We don't know why God allows these types of tragedies to happen. I do know that when these things happen, God is right there to comfort us. And He will comfort Bekah and Jared. He will comfort the families of those grandparents.


  1. Regina, I am touched by your heart of compassion where the death of these precious people are concerned. You are a blessing. I will be praying for the remaining children of Mandy's and for the families of those who went Home to Glory in the bus accident.

  2. Regina, bless hour heart for sharing this heart touching post.
    So many family's are hurting over these losses, and the bus incident, so needles.
    Your blogging friend was a lovely lady. My prayers will be with these family's.
    Thank you for caring and sharing~~

  3. Sometimes it is so hard to understand why these things happen. One thought that did cross my mind, was that these 13 people who were taken on to heaven knew the Lord, were refreshed and renewed in the Lord, and far better it be those who knew him than those who didn't, but even at that... it is still such a heartbreaking, horrible time for the family, for those left behind! And yes, the terrible tragedy with Mandy's family, oh those poor children! I will join with you in prayer (I have been praying!) and will continue to. May the Lord somehow ease the burden of pain and loss the remaining family members are feeling.

  4. Regina,

    Thank you for writing and telling about these beautiful souls. My heart breaks for their families.

    However, what a blessed homecoming that they have arrived to in the arms of our Lord.


  5. Regina,

    Do you have an email address?

    I would love to write you.

    If you want you can leave your email on a comment for me and I will not publish it.



  6. My heart goes out to the people. Thank you so much for sharing this post. You have a lovely blog.

  7. Hello Regina,

    My heart is sad at hearing about all the people who lost their lives in the bus accident and in the house fire. I will be praying for their families. God is in control, though, and He has a marvelous plan. Though sometimes it's hard to see it.

    Thank you from r visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I wanted to let you know I replied to it. :)
    Love in Christ,


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