This is one of our precious kittens Dodie. She is such a sweet little thing but we will have to say goodbye to her though we don't know when. She has a deadly disease called FIP. FIP stands for Feline Infectious  Peritonitis.  I haven't wanted to post about it but I think writing about it may help.

There is no cure so for now we are giving her Predinsone to help give her a appetite and give at least a better quality of life. She has mostly good days. She will meow and beg for treats which is her favorite thing to do. She takes her toy and puts it in her water dish which drives us crazy because she will bring us the wet toy.  We think she does that to keep her sister Kirstie from playing with it. It doesn't work.

Anyway, back to FIP not only is it fatal but it is contagious so Kirstie has also been exposed. FIP  apparently is very hard to diagnosed apparently they already been infected when we got them from the shelter.  We know the shelter did nothing wrong because it not always apparent that something is wrong. They had no idea anything was wrong. Dodie seemed to get sick really fast.  They were both didnt have any signs of FIP when we adopted them in January. FIP  can be in the cat's  body for years before the symptoms  appear. We have no idea if Kirstie is going to get sick. Currently Kirstie is not showing any signs of the disease for that we are grateful.
We are sad for ourselves when Dodie passes away but we are sad for Kirstie because they are sisters.
I apologize this post is sort of rambling but I have so much on my mind. We hope the medicine will give Dodie more than a few weeks. I think she is trying to fight this thing. She sleeps alot but cats do that.
She and Kirstie even get into trouble together giving us the "I didnt do anything" look. 😇
I guess that's all I have to say. I'm sorry this post is so sad. I just really needed to get my feelings out about this.
My poor daughters they are trying to be hopeful. Shannon who is 20 and is Dodie's human "Mommy" has been feeding her and giving  medicine.  Kaitlyn who is 16 is Kirstie human mommy has been helping with Dodie too but also making sure Kirstie isnt feeling left out.

I will have to contact the cat shelter to let them know what is going on so that they are aware that any kittens that were there when our kitties were have been exposed to FIP. I'm  not looking forward to that.


  1. Lord, I hold Dodie up to you now. Please give your small creature peace, ease from pain, and joy in her final days. If it be Your will, let her be healed. For Kirstie, that she remain healthy, and if the time should come, peace and comfort for her at the loss of her sister. Thank you, Father for these, your precious creatures, and the joy they bring us. Amen.

  2. Oh thank you Tammy! I was praying for Dodie this morning and thanking the Lord for His precious creation of kittens.

  3. This is so sad. I too, will pray for your kitties and your family. It's so hard when you get so attached to them and they to you. Praying also that none of the other kitties at the shelter were infected.
    Blessings always, Betsy


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